Solar water heaters

Good reasons to utilize solar water heater and photovoltaic panels

Every day we realize that with the excessive use of petroleum the man has caused many damages: the earth is polluted and all of us have the task to contribute to its safeguard.

We did it focusing our attention on alternative energies and renewable sources, looking for the best solutions all over the world.

Bachsoleil was born with the aim to offer to the final user high quality products at competitive prices, preserving the environment from the pollution and contributing to limit the greenhouse effect.

Therefore we have chosen the systems exploiting the most advanced technologies such as the borosilicate vacuum glass tubes at Tinox (Titanium absorber) both at natural and forced circulation, which grant a higher output (even by 40-50%) in comparison with the traditional plane panels.

These panels are ideal for the north of the Country and they can grant yearly savings on the gas bill going from € 350-400 up to € 600-700 for 3-4 and 5-6 persons respectively, with a remarkable reduction of CO2 emissions. The saving is greater in case you use an electric heater.

The cost of the plant will be amortised in a short time.

At the same time we are engaged in the field of photovoltaic home-systems both of amorphous crystalline, more economic but less performing, and of mono and polycrystalline, more expensive but more lasting and efficient.

Gastaldi Patrizia


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